Car, Parts and Services Supply

As a valued customer of Raysport International you are required to adhere to the following Terms and Conditions.

The company Raysport International known from here as Raysport or The Company.

RACE CAR SUPPLY (New, Used or Hired)

1.1 Cars in new or used forms will be supplied in accordance with customers requests, in either part complete i.e. rolling Chassis or complete with fitment of their Gearbox, Engine, etc in a partial race prepared form. In either case race preparation is required, and expected to be carried out by recognisably competent individual/s.

1.2 Shortages, omissions and/or defects must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of goods unless written consent given for a period of extension. If reported verbally written notice must be given otherwise any claim will not be entertained.

1.3 Any Items supplied by Raysport will remain the property of Raysport until full payment has been made.

1.4 Deposits for Race / Test days, Cars and Parts & Race Seasons are non-refundable.


2.1 Where goods purchased by the buyer are alleged to be defective, the purchaser agrees to return such goods to the seller for inspection and report (without the seller replacing the said goods prior to such inspection). The purchaser further confirms that it shall be reasonable for the seller to inspect, repair or replace (at its option) such defective goods and allow manufacturers to undertake inspections so as to allow production methods to be modified. The purchaser also accepts that it is reasonable to inform the seller of any interruption, defect or other failure prior to contacting independent third parties or incurring expense and, in addition, to allow the seller to remedy the defect, failure or interruption. Parts modified or adapted by the purchaser shall no longer be warranted by the manufacturer nor shall the company be liable for any failures resulting subsequent to modification.

2.2 Competition goods are supplied for specialist use and are subject to extreme heat and stress whilst in use. Life expectancy and durability are greatly reduced and purchasers should note that any claim for failure/wear shall not be entertained by the company and it is agreed that such use shall be a relevant circumstance for the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended). In addition, parts connected to parts supplied by this company may be placed under stress where specialist/competition parts are used, and purchasers should take advice from experts prior to purchase. Manufacturers may also limit guarantees when components are installed for competition use.

2.3 Where goods are defective, incorrectly supplied, delayed or otherwise in breach of the implied terms of the buyers statutory rights, all losses which result from loss of competition points, awards, loss of entry fees or other similar losses, are excluded and shall not be reclaimable from the company. In addition, the company shall accept no liability for death or personal injury unless caused directly by its own negligence.
No liability is accepted by the company where purchasers attempt to modify or install components supplied where it is known or ought reasonably to be known that the part supplied is incorrectly supplied, defective or otherwise not in accordance with the order.

2.4 There are no warranties whatsoever on items built, acquired (wholly or partially), or supplied by or for a customer at their own request or specifications.


3.1 Quoted prices for Parts and/or Services are subject to increase if so caused by unforeseen events or material increases.

3.2 Timescales for completion/delivery of cars or parts, be it either written or verbal, are subject to change due to unforeseen events.


4.1 Any dispute with an invoice must be raised with Raysport in writing within a 14 day period of receipt of an invoice, by either post or email.

4.2 No claim will be entertained for the inability to race, nor affect on competition standing, due to unforeseen events or part failure.


5.1 Return of unused correctly supplied parts by Raysport may be considered only by pre-arrangement on any and each individual case.

5.2 Any returns parts must be in a condition and type suitable for reuse in an as new condition.

5.3 Parts returned will be subject to a minimum 30% handling charge on the original sales price.

5.4 Payment will be forthcoming only after receipt and inspection of any returned parts.

5.5 Postage and packing is the responsibility of the sender and is non-refundable.


7.1 Invoices payments for parts or services supplied by Raysport must be paid in full no later than 14 days following receipt of the invoice.

7.2 Non receipt of payment within a 28 day period will result in a suspension of the account until payment is received and cleared.

7.3 Contractual Interest shall automatically be applied at 2% over base rate per month to all overdue sums from the first date on which they become due until they are paid in full following non-payment beyond a 28 day period

7.4 Any outstanding monies beyond a 90 day period may automatically be referred to an external agency in order to settle the account.

7.5 In default of payment in respect of any invoice or overdue account. The client warrants by ordering our goods and services that they will be responsible for all third party debt collection costs and interest.


8.1 Where Ray manufactured spare parts are available, reproduction of any Ray manufactured parts is not permitted. This applies to personal use as well as third party supply, be that as part of a team or representing Raysport International Ltd.

8.2 Before use of non Ray manufactured parts due to being obsolete is undertaken, a written request should be sought from Raysport International Ltd.

These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with English law and Acceptance of these terms and conditions is understood to be automatic by virtue of continued business with Raysport.

A printed copy of theses terms is available on request.