iRacing – Introducing Ray FF1600

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Introducing the Ray FF1600 which is now available with the base content in the Season 2 build update.

For more than half a century, the British-based Ray Race Cars has been building entry-level open-wheel race cars that have launched the careers of countless racing stars. But few cars at that level have approached the place in motorsport culture held by the FF1600 formula, which has been a constant presence since the late 1960s after driving schools sought an affordable formula for aspiring Grand Prix drivers to be able to practice with.

The most defining characteristic of the FF1600 compared to other junior formulae is its lack of wings; without that downforce to work with the 1.6-liter engine, these cars require greater care through the corners than their winged counterparts, but also tend to be closely matched on the track with plenty of passing. Combine that with relatively open regulations, aided by a space frame chassis, the FF1600 formula is popular the world over as an affordable way to go open-wheel racing. Ray Race Cars has won many of these championships around the world, most recently claiming the New Zealand national title in April 2022 with Alex Crosbie.